Website update - please read on

Believe it or not this website is now in its 17th year! This revamp is the fourth or fifth change since it started.

Although the design hasn't changed much this time round (just getting a slightly more modern feel) there have been much bigger changes behind the scenes.

The major change is that like all sites should be nowadays, it is mobile friendly which means it should be easier to use on an iPad or mobile phone.

The other big difference is that now we have the excellent which caters for visitors to the town, the emphasis of this site is now for residents

For most of its 17 years, it has been the only website for Chagford and so inevitably there was a major part of it geared to attracting visitors. With the rise of Visit Chagford that has changed and it will now concentrate on things of interest to residents - a comprehensive business directory and events diary and also the parish council information.

Business Directory

Every business based in Chagford and the immediate area around (Gidleigh, Throwleigh, North Bovey etc) can have a free listing which shows the business name, contact name and phone number and business category

All local businesses are clearly identified in the directory

A paid listing, however, allows a picture, detailed description of services and a link to a website. This helps find the business in search results, both on this site and in Google

Paid listings are also featured on the front page of the site (2 are picked at random)

Local businesses also have the opportunity to have a banner advert on the business or events page

Events Diary

Last year over 450 events were listed on the calendar - that is more than one a day

As you know there is lots more going on in Chagford so if you or your group run regular events in Chagford, why not apply for an account so that you can add these whenever you like

If you are just organising one event, use this form to notify us

did you also know that you can receive a weekly list of events by email

Finally, if you are organising a big event, we are happy to carry a banner on the events page for a while before and during the event. Contact Us for more information.