Added on Tuesday 9th Jan 2024

Parish Council News January 2024

The aim of this Parish Council newsletter is to let you know more about what we are doing. We aim to produce a newsletter every 2-3 months. First, a reminder that you are always welcome to attend our regular monthly meetings, held in Endecott House on the 2nd Monday of every month at 7.30pm. And please do keep an eye on the website where you can see who we are – and our photos, as well as latest updates.

We will post this newsletter on the PC notice board, as well as on Facebook. If you would like to receive a regular copy by email please contact Ruth the clerk with your email address

What have we been doing?

  • Since the local elections in May we have been learning to work together as a team. Our 5 new councillors have been settling into their roles, bringing lots of enthusiasm and new knowledge, and learning how the council works, and our new clerk, Ruth Wright, is picking up the reins of her new role.
  • As I’m sure you are all aware, the new car park at Bellacouch is still not open – but this is not through want of trying. Lots of activity has been going on behind the scenes and we are now just waiting for Devon Highways to finish their signage, to complete the legal business of handover from CG Fry, and to install ticket machines.
  • We have been transferring our financial records onto a special online system designed for Parish Councils to make our accounting more efficient and transparent. Our finances are currently on track to stay within budget for the year, and we have some savings ear-marked for a new graveyard in the future.
  • We are working closely with Jane Elliott who is our new West Devon Borough Councillor (Green Party) and regularly comes to our meetings.

New Climate Crisis Working group

  • The climate and ecological emergency means we have set up a new working group. We have held a series of 3 free public talks about our energy use, our energy bills, and how to make our homes more efficient and comfortable.
  • In the New Year we plan to train some volunteers to act as Community Energy Champions. The aim is to help individual households understand more about their home energy use, how to insulate their houses and reduce heating costs, and how to apply for any grants they may be eligible for.
  • On Saturday February 3rd there will be a coffee morning in Endecott House to find out more about this and come and talk about possible ideas to help with your energy use and home insulation with Kate Royston from Tamar Energy Community. Put the date in your diary!
  • If you are interested in doing the Community Energy Training (which should be really interesting and useful) please contact councillors Frances Everson or Jill Millar.
  • We also hope to link with West Devon Borough Council and establish a group of local ‘Wildlife Wardens’ to help understand and increase biodiversity. All Parish Councils are now legally required to have a policy for protecting and increasing biodiversity and we have recently adopted our policy.

Update on Grants available for Chagford Parishioners

  • Chagford Community Trust (which has been very involved with the Bellacouch Development and owns the business units there) has just started to give their first round of grants for community projects. See their website for further details
  • Chagford Show also has a community fund and donates a percentage of its profits to local community activities and organisations.
    They prefer to support applications from:
    • Organisations that have a wide impact on the local community and the individuals in it.
    • Organisations that present a well-documented need for a particular project.
    • Charitable organizations which in themselves help others in the community.
    • Organisations which demonstrate that the funding for which they are applying will have a long-term effect

    Applicants need to apply in writing with full details of their request, to the Secretary at:
    via Email: (preferably)
    Or by post at 42 The Square, Chagford TQ13 8AH
    Note that the deadline is 31st January 2024

  • The Parish Council gives out a number of grants every year – so far this year we have given grants to:

    • The swimming pool
    • The business community for Xmas late night shopping
    • The Conservation group
    • The Bowling club for some equipment
    • The netball team for new T-shirts
    • The film festival

Additional Thoughts

Litter bins in the skateboard park have been emptied up till now by Parish Councillors, which is a bit of a safety and hygiene hazard as they are not being properly used. We intend to remove them, and instead to have a sign saying ‘please take your litter home’.

The Borough Council (who organise emptying of public bins) do not recycle rubbish in public bins, and there is a significant cost to emptying which would increase our council tax. We also do not intend to have litter bins in the new Bellacouch car park, but again to have a sign asking people to take their litter home.

Feedback please

Please feel free to give us feedback on our newsletter and let us know what else you would like us to tell you about.

Jill Millar