Chagford Parish Council have postponed the VE Day Celebrations until August 15th 2020 when WE shall all be able to mark the 75 years for VJ day.

It is ironic that Covid 19 has caused havoc across our land, particularly when we remember that many of the Chagford Lads that went to defend our Country in 1939 were still doing so in Burma and other Eastern Areas in May 1945.

They did not return until after VJ day in 1945.

The majority of us cannot even imagine what it was like to say goodbye to our family, as they left Chagford on a bus, many of whom never returned, only a telegram conveying bad news.

As we keep up to date with the coronavirus news each day, the number of deaths mean sadness for so many families.

We do not know in what form we shall be able to celebrate on VJ Day, but we have already planned a Beacon on Meldon on the evening of August 15th.

Hopefully by then we shall be able to have a picnic at either the Jubilee Field or on Padley Common where we can still have social distancing.

Please take care, save lives, and stay safe.

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