Chagford Parish Council Climate and Ecological Emergency Working Group

Action plan for the parish council and community


In November 2019 Chagford Parish Council declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency, following similar declarations by Government and councils all over the UK, including the Dartmoor National Park Authority.

A parish council sub-committee, the Climate and Ecological Emergency Working Group, consisting of Chagford residents and councillors was set up to take forward action on this issue. The group's objectives are to use all the PC's powers and influence to:

  • Reduce our Carbon Footprint of the Parish to Net Zero as soon as possible
  • Help Chagford's parishioners and wildlife to adapt to unavoidable climate change
  • Improve the biodiversity of our local environment

Our recommendations include what could be achieved through the remit and powers of the Parish Council, as well as further actions that may be required outside that remit, using the status of the PC to influence and promote. All these actions are specifically aimed at what can be done and achieved in Chagford Parish.

There is a wealth of guidance for what Councils at all local levels can do and most local authorities have now adopted climate action plans of some kind. Our group has drawn on parts of Action on Climate in Teignbridge (ACT) as our guide. Although produced in a neighbouring local authority, it is supported by Devon County Council and we believe it provides an excellent example of what we might be able to achieve.

Actions promoted below are all in line with recommendation of the National Association of Local Councils which has stated that the "NALC believes that, collectively, across 10,000 local councils, we can tackle climate change locally and create more climate-friendly communities." The Chagford Climate and Ecological Working Group believes that the actions suggested below will make a significant contribution.

Our recommendations are grouped under four headings:

  1. Land Management
  2. Built environment
  3. Transport and travel
  4. Community action