MORECARE is an entirely voluntary, non-profit making organisation supported only by voluntary donations.

It was established in March 2004 by a group of sympathetic members of the local community who were aware of the need to assist those who were housebound, living alone or required support because of difficulties using public transport, whether physically disabled or not.

MORECARE assists those who are registered with the Chagford Health Centre and reside within the Whiddon Parishes.

Under our constitution as a registered charity (number 1117015) we organise and co-ordinate, on a strictly confidential basis, volunteer drivers for transport to clinics, hospitals, health centres, dentists and other medical facilities.

We also organise a visiting service for housebound or lonely people who require company and occasional assistance with household tasks.
We are able to assist in collecting and delivering medical prescriptions or domestic supplies and occasional shopping outings.

All these voluntary tasks need VOLUNTEERS.

If you think you would like to aid those who need help please give us a phone call on 07914 853 726, to discuss how we work and how you might contribute your time.

One day YOU may need help. Please help us NOW.

MORECARE.  07914 853 726.

Website: Morecare